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Desirae licking her big boobs!

Desirae licking her big boobs!

I met them at their home; Natasha opened the door, smiled and called over me in. She was dressed in a great suggestive red clothes, with openings down the side; Natasha was a real doll with long fair hair, blue eyeballs & great figure that absolutely showed off her titantic boobs. During dinner I was across the table from them and her stockinged foot was up in my slurp making me soaked. I figured that we must be go for an evening together since she was having fun (and I was doing the same to her!).

On the way home in their car, Jeff snuggled up to me & started caressing my racy sopping wet fanny, so I started stroking & petting his manmeat with one hand.

We arrived at their home & Jeff took me to there room. Natasha started a provoking erotic dance while Jeff and I shed our dress and then joined her on the mattress. We made out, then I gradually made-out and lapped my way down his prick where I nibbled and sucked on his jumbo throbing hard on. He loved having his man meat lapped!Then i started working on Natasha while Jeff observe and  unhurriedly started pounding his ample thick penis as I madeout my way down to her pretty, wife, and very angelic tasting womanhood. Natasha had a full mound, substantial clit and very full puffy outer magnificent lips and conspicuous hanging labia nice lips. (My most preferred).I straightaway began to nibble and suck on the seductive lips, then her clit. As she moaned a twisted under my mouth and tongue, Jeff moved up so Natasha could take his manhood into her mouth and suck on it. After about 15 min. she began to certainly move, moan, and thrust against my appealing face, then reached a tremendous orgasm just as Jeff reached his peak & unloaded his sauce into her mouth while she greedily swallowed each drop. I moved up and went inside her now sopping sopping wet & very tight fanny. My tongue definitely filled her soaked love tunnel as I unhurriedly moved my tongue deep into her, then out again, enjoying the feeling of her love sheath as it squeezed then relaxed around my tongue. I was unhurriedly deciding up speed until 15 min latter she reached her 5th ejaculate & I reached my first, filling her erotic vagina with my man sauce. As I pulled out Jeff, now recharged, in a instant took my place for one more 15 min or so. Natasha kept reaching ejaculate after jizz as Jeffs manhood rammed away, until he too filled her. After a brief rest we continued on for a couple of hours. Playing, tantalizing, rubbing, fucking and sucking the night away. We met many more times over the next 2 years, and they had afew other females they also met with every now and then.

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